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For 50 years, we have developed standards that provide easy installation, high operational reliability, and low operating costs.

Innovation and good solutions

Helnor is an innovative company with a focus on developing, producing, and selling good solutions and products. One of our market areas is the water and sewerage industry, where operation and control of all types of water has been our goal since 1970. Since our first inspection hatch was developed in 1974, we have worked continuously to offer the building and construction industry smart solutions for access to installations in wall, ceiling, floor, or other places.

Historically, Helnor was derived from H.Nordahl Hagen AS, first for a trademark in 1970, and later as a separate company in the 90s. Our owner is still H. Nordahl Hagen AS, which with its history back to 1955, has had a significant impact on several of the solutions used in the various industries.

Helnor currently has 16 skilled employees, and our production and warehouse are located at Rudshøgda, about 140 km north of Oslo. We continuously develop the products and product range. Today, the products are categorized against water and sewerage technology, building and construction, as well as plumbing. The products are sold today in the Nordic region. The business idea is to develop, produce, and sell quality products for access, as well as operation and control of water and sewage.

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