You are using the correct color, right?

Color code marking of spindle extension clarifies which installation is located underground.

Maroon top = Pressure drain

Blue top = Water.

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You are using the correct color, right?

Maroon top for pressure drain.

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Spindle extensions since 1970

Helnor has been making and continuously developing spindle extensions for water since 1970.

Spindle extensions for pressure drains have now also been developed.

With different color codes marked at the top of the spindle extension, you can quickly see if you are closing the correct wire.

Spindle extensions for pressure drains can also be produced in acid-proof steel, for environments that require it.

Ever-increasing use of pressure drains

Pressure drains make most people think of cabins, but several municipalities are now starting to plan pressure drains in areas with scattered buildings.

Today, several of those who live in such an area have their own collection tanks and spreading ditches.

If there is a leak at these facilities, this can threaten the environment. Rivers and lakes are areas we see may be affected.

When pressure drains are installed, there must also be an option to close this if necessary.

We have of course thought of this, and made a spindle extension with a reddish-brown top, so that there should be no doubt about what will be closed.

When using a double street box with a color code marking at the top, you have full control of both water and pressure drains.

Double fuse in the form of a lid with clear marking water (V) or drain (A). At the same time you will find markings (blue or reddish brown) on the top of the spindle extension under the lid.

The double street boxes are produced in well-known Helnor quality.

Do you want to see more about our selection of spindle extensions and accessories? Click here.

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