New access solutions create a safer working day

When Hias IKS built a new pumping station in 2018, Multibygg chose to use Helnor as a partner and supplier of hatches and access solutions.

Short-distance innovation takes better care of safety

Access to technical installations in treatment plants is associated with various forms of risk. Especially from an HSE perspective, where protection against falls is central. Several factors are important to ensure safety, both fall protection grilles, but also easy opening and closing. The fewer people or specialized equipment you depend on, the easier and safer the access will be.

The main factors for the builder

For Hias IKS, good solutions to ensure safety, and safe delivery from all suppliers and subcontractors, were factors that were important when building their new pumping station in Brumunddal. They had high time pressure, many parties involved, and little room for delay. Lars Lille-Mæhlum, construction manager for the project, is very pleased with how both Multi-Bygg and Helnor contributed to the planning and delivery.

-What is important for us as a client is to find suppliers who can come up with good solution proposals, complete with good and precise drawings, so that all affected parties can provide input already in the planning phase, says Lille-Mæhlum. It is also crucial that everyone delivers with high quality and on time, he adds.

An exciting project for Multi-Bygg

Multi-Bygg thinks it was exciting to work on the project, and highlights Hias IKS as a builder who is clear on what needs they have. They are also very pleased with Helnor as a subcontractor. Few others are able to deliver tailored solutions of such a high quality. – One of the reasons why it is so good, is the competence of the employees. The relationship is crucial for us, says Gustav Thorsrud in Multi-Bygg AS, – We have worked together on several projects now, and built trust. He always responds quickly, is honest and service-minded, and finds good solutions with us, Gustav continues.

Choosing locally when possible

It is no coincidence that Multi-Bygg has chosen to use a local supplier. The environmental perspective is important to us. There is no reason we should transport parts over long distances when we have such a good and professional supplier in the local area, says Gustav. – In addition, we want to preserve both jobs and the professional environment in the region, so if there is something we can do to build each other stronger, it is a positive effect in itself. But if Helnor had not delivered so stably and of high quality, we would never have used them either, Herman adds.

Short-distance innovation

The project in Brumunddal led Helnor to develop a completely new series of products. The need for easy installation, high reliability, and new requirements for insulating properties and leaks, were the reason for starting to explore new ideas. Helnor’s new series is suitable for all types of surfaces and for countless needs. – The solution is very flexible and can be expanded based on specific goals and wishes, says Sigmund, general manager of Helnor. – It can be drawn in several different geometric shapes, although squares are preferable based on experience. For someone who does not work with developing these products, there is a lot of functionality that is easy to take for granted, but it is the things you do not see or think about that may provide the really good solutions in the long run, says Sigmund Hjorth, general manager of Helnor AS. Ease of use through concealed hinges, two-sided tightness against dirt and dust, and recessed lifting sleeves, ensure a secure and trip-safe construction without dangerous, protruding objects. – It is important to ensure the safety of those who will work in the area, says Sigmund. – Two-sided dust seal gives less risk of foreign bodies wedging between the frame and the lid, and at the same time it ensures a good compression of horizontal sealing strip between the frame and the lid, he says.

Problems are best solved together

On the project with a new pumping station, all parties involved were very satisfied with both the collaboration and the result, and all deliveries were completed as planned. – In those cases where challenges are encountered during the construction phase, this can to a large extent be linked to the design. It is therefore important that both RiB and other design subjects as early as possible include the prerequisites required for a simple and safe installation, and that details around the user aspect are also part of the design, says Sigmund. -Safety for users should be highly prioritized, so that the user experience appears safe over time, he says.

Lars Lille-Mæhlum at Hias IKS agrees that it has been good to have all parties involved from the start, and draws particular attention to the good technical drawings that enabled those who worked on operations to have concrete solutions to relate to. – It is not so easy to redo something when it is built, so we must be sure that we find the best solutions on the first try, he says.

What differentiates the new access solutions from previous solutions?

There are several things about the new solutions that are better than what we have made before, says Sigmund. Among other things, it is easy to carry out daily inspection through a recessed light dome or opening of the inspection lid. This inspection option is secured against people or larger objects falling and damaging the underlying technical installation or themselves. In cases where full opening is required, for example for replacement of pumps or other larger installations, several or all lids can easily be opened, and the center beams can be dismantled for full opening. All safety grilles, under the lids, are hinged for easy opening, but also for safe storage without the need for disassembly when working with open access, he says.

Contact Helnor

-We will definitely use Helnor again, and are already working on new projects together, says Multi-Bygg. – If anyone reads about this and wants more information about Helnor’s tailor-made access solutions, just get in touch, concludes Sigmund Hjorth, general manager of Helnor AS.

-We will definitely use Helnor again, and are already working on new projects together, says Multi-Bygg. – If anyone reads about this and wants more information about Helnor’s tailor-made access solutions, just get in touch, concludes Sigmund Hjorth, general manager of Helnor AS.

Hias for Helnor 2 April 02 2019
Lars Lille-Mæhlum

Builder Lars Lille-Mæhlum is very pleased with Helnor’s solutions.

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