Body, face, and eye shower. Floor model. Type: NC1

Body, face, and eye shower. Floor model.


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NC1450 32 94Ca 76 20 l/min


Area of ​​use:
When handling alkaline products.

This is a combined body, eye, and
face shower. Type: Floor model in acid-proof design.
It has a working pressure of 2.4-7 bar. The capacity of the body shower is 76 liters of water per minute, the capacity of the face/eye shower is 20 l/min.
Connection is DN 25. Shower valve in ABS plastic.
The bowl and lid of the eye and face shower are made of stainless steel, and it has an acid-proof ball valve.

The emergency shower is activated by pulling the handle with instruction arrow. In addition, a steel chain is attached that goes almost all the way down to the floor. In this way, the shower can be operated both vertically and horizontally.

The eye and face shower is protected with a dust cap, and is operated with one pressure plate lever that automatically opens the protective lid. It is also secured with a non-return valve and automatic drainage.
The automatic drainage ensures that the water is never in direct contact with air, so that the basis for bacterial growth should be as minimal as possible.