Eye and Face Shower. Type: NA1/NA2

Combined eye and face shower with or without lid. Wall models.


ArtikkelnavnNRFKapasitetBeskrivelseAntallLegg i liste
NA1450 32 11Ca 20 l/minEye and face shower with lid
NA2450 32 21Ca 20 l/minEye and face shower without lid


The eye and face showers are used for cleansing the eyes and face after contact with dangerous substances.

NA1/NRF: 450 32 11
Capacity: Approx. 20 l/min
Working pressure: 2.4 -7 bar
Connection: DN 15 inv.
Drain: DN 32 inv.
Ball valve: Stainless steel
Bowl/lid: Stainless steel
Flushing head: ABS plastic

NA2: Has similar properties to NA1, but is delivered without the dust cover.

The collection bowl is made of stainless steel. The plastic rinsing heads give a soft rinse of the entire face. In the shower there is a ball valve which is operated with a pressure plate lever. It is non-returnable to ensure free hands.

The shower has an automatic pressure and volume regulator that ensures a constant amount of water throughout the rinsing process. The shower is also equipped with drainage. After use, the shower will automatically drain all water that is in direct contact with air, thus minimizing the risk of bacterial growth. This shower comes with a lid for protection against dirt and dust. This lid opens automatically when the pressure plate lever is pressed down.

For installations in environments with strong acids and/or bases, this model is also available in acid-resistant and lacquered designs.

The eye and face shower should be connected to temperate water and a safety mixer fitted.
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This is how long one should rinse the eyes after contact with:
Sulfuric acid: At least 15 min.
Hydrochloric acid: At least 15 min.
Ammonia solution: 15-30 min.
Sodium hydroxide: 15-30 min.
Caustic soda: 4-6 hours.