Eye and face showers. Handheld. Type: NAH 1/2/3

Handheld eye and face showers.


ArtikkelnavnNRFKapasitetLengdeBeskrivelseAntallLegg i liste
NAH1450 32 43Ca 20 l/min2 meter long hose.Wall model. Wall mount included.
NAH2450 32 44Ca 20 l/min3 meter long hose.Double flushing head. Wall mount included.
NAH3450 32 45Ca 20 l/min3 meter long hose.Wall model. Wall mount included.


Applications: When handling corrosive products.

  • Capacity: 20 liters/min
  • Working pressure: 2.4-7 bar
  • Connection: DN 15 Utv.
  • Flushing head: PA-Plast
  • Handle: Brass
  • Wall mounted: Stainless steel

The eye and face showers are used for cleansing the eyes and face after contact with dangerous substances. The shower head is made of plastic, which gives a soft rinse of the whole face. In the shower there is a valve which is operated by pushing in the handle. The valve closes when the handle is released.

The shower has an automatic pressure and volume regulator that ensures a constant amount of water throughout the rinsing process. The shower is equipped with a plastic lid that is opened by the water flow after activation.

The emergency showers must be mounted 1150 mm from the floor and up to the upper edge of the flushing head. They must be able to withstand a load of 50 kilos.