Safety Mixer. Type: ND25

Safety mixer. For emergency showers. Capacity: Approx. 120 l/min. DN25.


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ND25450 32 02

Just as obvious as the fact that the shower must be connected to water, is it that the water must be temperate. Cold water can eventually cause severe cooling, which in the worst case can aggravate the damage.

With this safety mixer you can preset the temperature.
A constant temperature is ensured during the entire rinsing process. Should the cold water presumably disappear, the supply of hot water will be shut off. If the hot water should disappear, the cold water will continue to flow at the same pressure as before the hot water disappeared.

The safety mixer is advantageously mounted directly on the shower.

This safety mixer has an appealing design. It is easy to install. It has a built-in particle filter that will ensure a completely clean rinsing water, and prevent dirt and deposits in the shower itself. This gives better durability. In addition to this, it is also equipped with a non-return valve.

These safety mixers satisfy the Swedish working environment's extremely strict requirements for safety and function.

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