Manhole Cover in Steel. Type: BV-GDZ

Hinged manhole cover in steel. Can be opened from both the bottom and top.
Easy-to-operate, waterproof manhole cover with gas cylinder and lid holder. For car traffic

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BV-GDZ 66000-00073,5 x 75,1560 x 6030.0 kg
BV-GDZ 86000-00093,5 x 75,1580 x 6038.0 kg
BV-GDZ 88000-00093,5 x 95,1580 x 8044.0 kg
BV-GDZ 110000-000113,5 x 115,15100 x 10058.0 kg


Easy-to-operate, waterproof manhole cover with gas cylinder and lid holder. For casting concrete.

Depth: 52 mm. Installation height: 75 mm.

125 kN according to EN 124.

• Suitable as an entrance to emergency exits as the hatch can be opened from both the top and bottom.
• Used in buildings or in areas where watertight manhole covers are a requirement.
• Used where the lid often has to be operated.

• Frame and lid in cold-pressed precision profile of hot-dip galvanized steel.
• EPDM gasket.
• Steel lattice reinforcements.
• Stainless steel hinges.

• Lifting keys included with all lids.
• Locked lid is easily opened with the included golden key.
• Lid holder secures the lid in the open position.

• The installation must be carried out in accordance with the enclosed installation instructions.
• The outside of the frame must be sealed to the floor.

(Use concrete with a waterproofing additive.)

General information:
• Smart design that easily allows inspection.
• The construction helps ensure that when the manhole cover is correctly installed and covered with the correct floor covering, it is virtually invisible.
• All lids come with a complete set of opening tools.
• All standard lids are protected with cardboard corners. These provide adequate protection during transport. The corners are clearly marked with the lid size and type to simplify the controls both in the warehouse and on the construction site.
• We guarantee that our standard lids, if they are completely filled with concrete C35 / 45 EN 206, will satisfy the specified load test.
• If tiles are used, the lid will withstand a slightly less load.