Strong Manhole Cover. Aluminum. Type: KMS

Manhole cover for use in cast floors with pedestrian and light corridor traffic.

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KMS20330 79 28228 x 228164 x 1641.3 kg


Used where there are no requirements for odor-proof design and where floor coverings on the lid are not necessary.

• Quick access to pipes, fittings, valves, and electrical connections mounted in the floor.
• The frame has a 13 mm visible edge.

Surface treatment:
• Untreated aluminum.

• Extruded aluminum frame.
• Aluminum profile lid l 200×30 mm.
• Wall anchors in the entire circumference of the frame.
• Packed individually in plastic.

• A 5 mm hole has been drilled in the surface of the lid for access with auxiliary tools for opening.

• Sanded into recess.
During plastering, the corner angle of the frame must be 90 degrees. Check this by trying the lid in the frame before the plaster has hardened.
• Concreting at the same time as covering.
The lid must be in the frame. Between the frame and the lid, the fitter must provide spacer wedges so that pressing of the frame is avoided.

Helnor has protected the lid and the visible surface of the frame with plastic and tape.
Leave the protection in place until the concrete has hardened.

Wash off any spills from damp concrete/plaster as soon as possible, as this otherwise gives etch marks that can only be removed by mechanical brushing after drying.

Special designs/sizes to order;
Hinges, lifting hook, edge for ceramic tiles, anodizing, varnishing, bracing, etc.