Aluminum Grating – Aluminum Grating With Frame.

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Aluminum grating for use in cast floors with light pedestrian traffic.

Used over drains and sinks in bathrooms, shower rooms, basements, and over drains in laundries, slaughterhouses, and bathing establishments.

The grate has a glossy, non-slip surface with narrow grooves.

Punched holes are 12×20 mm with rounded corners.

Opening area air: 30 %.

* Aluminum frame and grille, unassigned.
* Wall anchors throughout the perimeter of the frame.
* Packed individually in plastic.
* Frame height 27 mm.
* Lid height 15 mm.

* Sanded into recess.
* During refinishing, the corner angle of the frame must
be 90 degrees. Check this by trying
the grate in the frame before the plaster has hardened.

Special constructions on request.