Hinged inspection hatch. Type: IA

Hinged inspection hatch for use in wall and ceiling.

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IA1515000-000155 x 15590 x 1100,9 kg
IA3030000-000305 x 305240 x 2602,3 kg
IA4545000-000455 x 455390 x 4104,0 kg
IA5555000-000555 x 555490 x 5105,7 kg
IA6060000-000605 x 605540 x 5606,0 kg
IA9090000-000905 x 905840 x 8609,6 kg

Inspection hatch for use in wall and ceiling.

Used in gypsum board and concrete wall/ceiling for:

• Quick access to pipes, fittings, valves, and electrical connections.

• The frame has a 25 mm surface-mounted flange that will hide any. irregularities in the recess.


• White, powder coated RAL 9010M.


• Steel in frame and lid is 1.20 mm

• Supplied control key in PP.


The hatch is delivered uninsulated.


Opening and closing takes place by 90 º turning with the key.


• Perpendicular holes are made in the wall/ceiling according to the recess dimensions in the table.

• To ensure good sealing between the frame and the wall surface, it is recommended to lay a string of sealant ACRYL-1A on the frame flange itself before putting the frame in place.

• Wooden or steel posts are used at least above and below the hatch.

• 8 holes for attaching the frame are pre-drilled with 2 pieces on each of the sides of the frame.

• In concrete constructions, expansion bolts must be used for fastening the frame.

• There is no need to line the opening, but good sealing must be ensured between the concrete and the frame.

• Installation instructions are included with each individual hatch.

Recess dimensions are 5 mm larger than frame dimensions. Insert in wall is 35 mm.

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IA9090, IA6060, IA5555, IA4545, IA3030, IA1515




905 x 905, 605 x 605, 555 x 555, 455 x 455, 305 x 305, 155 x 155

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840 x 860, 540 x 560, 490 x 510, 390 x 410, 240 x 260, 90 x 110


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