Plaster Inspection Hatch For Wall. Sparkle Free. Type: UP-AEG1

Sparkle free plaster hatch for paint, wallpaper, etc.
The design makes the hatch less annoying, in case you need a hatch where you really do not want it.

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ArtikkelnavnNRFUtvendig rammemålAntall gipslagAntallLegg i liste
UP-AE-020020G1UP-AEG1200 x 2001 (12,5 mm)
UP-AE-030030G1UP-AEG1300 x 3001 (12,5 mm)
UP-AE-040040G1UP-AEG1400 x 4001 (12,5 mm)
UP-AE-050050G1UP-AEG1500 x 5001 (12,5 mm)
UP-AE-060060G1UP-AEG1600 x 6001 (12,5 mm)

The inspection hatch for those who want a surface that is similar to the rest of the wall.

See installation instructions for inserting the hatch. It is important having distancing to maintain the strength of the plaster wall, but this is a hatch that does not need nails for attachment.

As for the rest of the wall, screws in the holes after the attachment of the frame must be sparkled for surface treatment. The hatch itself is sparkle free and can be surface treated immediately.

The hatch is for 1-layer plaster wall and is made of aluminum with plaster in the hatch.

It is a fastening wire/safety wire, which holds the hatch in place and prevents the hatch from being damaged when it is opened.

The door has a push lock. This means that you do not have a visible lock. Opens/closes easily by pressing the door itself.

Note that the recess dimension is 10 mm more than the outer frame dimension.
Light opening = Final opening with installed hatch.

Additional information

Article name

UP-AE-060060G1, UP-AE-050050G1, UP-AE-040040G1, UP-AE-030030G1, UP-AE-020020G1



Exterior frame dimensions

600 x 600, 500 x 500, 400 x 400, 300 x 300, 200 x 200

Number of plaster layers

1 (12,5 mm)