Tile Panel. Type: IH1

Tile panel – flexible, concealed inspection hatch

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IH1341 50 68152,4 mm x 381 mm - 457,2 mm x 1016 mmMax 12

IH1 is a high quality product for concealed inspection panels.
The upper corner brackets each have a magnet. Two magnetic contact plates are glued to the tiles so that they hit the magnets when closing.
The lower corner brackets are designed so that when you open the tile panel, it does not fall out. (look at the drawing).
The corner brackets can be glued, possibly screwed to the panel.

The tile panel can be made of many different materials, such as tiles, marble, granite, mirrors, etc.

Tile panel size:
From 152.4 mm x 381 mm up to 457.2 mm x 1016 mm

Maximum 12 kg.

Contents of the package:
• 2 pcs. corner brackets with magnets (maximum load of 4 kg.)
• 2 pcs. magnetic contact plates
• 2 pcs. lower corner brackets with stop mechanism
• 1 tube of specially made silicone glue
• 1 piece. thread for opening the panel
• 1 piece. assembly instructions

Click here to see an animated installation instruction

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Article name



341 50 68


152,4 mm x 381 mm – 457,2 mm x 1016 mm


Max 12