Foldable Aluminum Lid

Foldable aluminum lid. Used over basins where you do not want the infiltration of surface water, ie dry frame edge. Comes with different equipment levels.

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ArtikkelnavnNRFLysåpningUtvendig rammemålBeskrivelseVektAntallLegg i liste
KDA60A330 81 26600 x 600700 x 700Neoprene gasket. Lock. Security support.11.5 kg
KDA60BKDA60B600 x 600700 x 700As A, but lifting cylinders for safety support.11.5 kg
BKDA60CKDA60C600 x 600700 x 700As B safety grille under the lid.11.5 kg
CKDA60KKDA60K800 x 800900 x 900Neoprene gasket. Lock. Security support.17.3 kg
KDA80A330 81 29800 x 800900 x 900As A, but lifting cylinders for safety support.17.3 kg
KDA80BKDA80B800 x 800900 x 900As B safety grille under the lid.17.3 kg
KDA80CKDA80C1000 x 10001100 x 1100Neoprene gasket. Lock. Security support.29.0 kg
KDA80KKDA80K1000 x 10001100 x 1100As A, but lifting cylinders for safety support.29.0 kg
KDA100A330 81 281000 x 10001100 x 1100As B safety grille under the lid.29.0 kg


KDA can be delivered with 4 different equipment levels, KDA A, B, C, and K:

A: Neoprene gasket between frame and lid. Prepared for padlock, as well as safety support for lid in open position.
B: As variant A, but with lifting cylinders for easy opening instead of safety support.
C: As variant B, but also equipped with a hinged safety grille under the lid.
K: As variant C, but with insulation.
The KDA lid is intended for pedestrian traffic.

Surface treatment:
Aluminum frame, seawater-resistant aluminum lid, and acid-proof steel brackets and fittings (316)

* Extruded aluminum frame.
* Aluminum floor plate lid w/gasket.
* Wall anchors throughout the perimeter of the frame.
* Hinged and with locking screw.
* Packed individually in plastic.

Can be equipped with locking devices to order.
1 M10 stainless steel internal hexagon screw is standard.

* Casting at the same time as the surface. The frame is rigid and will not normally be pressed.

We recommend protecting the hatch with plastic and tape when embedding. Leave the protection in place until the concrete has hardened. Wash off any spills from damp concrete/plaster as soon as possible as this otherwise gives etch marks that can only be removed by mechanical brushing after drying.

Equipment variant C is normally stocked. Special sizes can be supplied.