Recessed Lid

Recessed lids for loads from 125kN to 900kN.
Used if there are requirements for motorized, hydraulic, or other form of lifting automation.

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Special lids for sidewalks, parking lots, roads, port facilities, airports, and more.
We have extensive experience in these product areas, and the solutions, which have been developed and improved in step with increasing quality and environmental requirements, have shown their strengths through many years of weather and wear and tear.

Recessed lids
The hatches have a spring lifting system that reduces the opening force to 10-15 kg for lids weighing up to 2000 kg. Recessed lids are manufactured to measure. The lids are supplied for embedding, bolting, or with a floating frame for adjusting the height of the lid.

· Simple locking mechanism.
· Simple and functional locking mechanism combined with bracket for panic opening.
· Heating cable - protects against frost and ice formation.
· Lid holder with safety flap.
· Rubber gasket prevents water penetration lid with coating.

Lid with coating can be adapted to the environment with integrated coating of:
Stone, asphalt, gravel, tiles, concrete, granite, wood, and more.

Hydraulic lids
· Rolling or fixed aluminum side guards.
· External hydraulic control box.
· Alarm system.
· Emergency stop.
· Control box with key operation.
· Basic model is delivered with its own hydraulic station and control unit with emergency function for opening and closing via control box.
· Hydraulic locks for compaction of gasket.
· Greased liquid hinges.

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