Dome for access to underlying installations and processes. Type: KLG

Dome solution for technical installations and treatment plants where the need for inspection and supervision is desirable.

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KLG092092KLG800 x 800920 x 92036 kg


In consultation with the market, we have developed a completely new dome solution especially for technical installation and treatment plants, where an extensive need for inspection and supervision is desirable.

Where a hatch must be opened to provide inspection, our dome solution will provide immediate inspection without physical opening or puncture of any air pressure.

Our new dome solutions include:

• One or two-layer domes.

• Fall protection option with integrated safety grille.

• Spring-loaded lock ensures a good grip on the gasket – and a dome without air leaks.

• Both the safety grille and the dome are hinged.

The industry mentions the vulnerability of domes to be external influences such as jack trolleys. With our solution, the dome and frame are specially designed to avoid this danger – to give you trouble-free maintenance.

The domes are made of very impact-resistant material that stays clear and transparent year after year.