Check Valve In Basin. Type: ZK-K

Check valve in straight-line foam.
Easy installation and very easy maintenance. Delivered without riser.


ArtikkelnavnNRFStørrelseFargeMaterialeBeskrivelseAntallLegg i liste
ZK-K35P11ZB3228651Ø110Red-brownImpact resistant PPØ110 for Ø315 (355) corrugated riser
ZK-K35P16ZB3228652Ø160Red-brownImpact resistant PPØ160 for Ø315 (355) corrugated riser
ZK-K35P20ZB3228653Ø200Red-brownImpact resistant PPØ200 for Ø315 (355) corrugated riser
ZK-K40P11ZB3228654Ø110Red-brownImpact resistant PPØ110 for Ø400 riser
ZK-K40P16ZB3228655Ø160Red-brownImpact resistant PPØ160 for Ø400 risers
ZK-K40P20ZB3228656Ø200Red-brownImpact resistant PPØ200 for Ø400 risers
ZK-PRZ703228657700mmGråMetalExtension piece for lever (700mm)



Sump with non-return valve that reduces the risk of flooding of wastewater.

The basin is available in dimensions from 110 mm to 200 mm in barrels, for use of risers from 315 mm to 400 mm.

Rod for lifting the valve when cleaning. The basin can also be used for flushing or staking plants. Then the check valve is easily removed with the supplied rod.


The basin consists of a check valve mounted at the rear edge of the barrel in the basin.

The check valve can be easily removed with a mounted rod for cleaning.

The flow direction on the basin is indicated.


The basin is mounted on a stable surface. Be sure to check the direction of the basin.


The basin is made of PP (polypropylene).

The flap is made of PP with stainless steel to prevent the intrusion of rodents.

The entire construction is resistant to aggressive chemicals and cold.

A 700 mm extension piece can be delivered to the included lever. Type. No. ZK-PRZ70