Fire Hydrant Well Complete. Type: BAD

Complete fire hydrant in well.


ArtikkelnavnNRFLengdeVektAntallLegg i liste
BAD1557 67 63150 - 200 cm77.0 kg
BAD2557 67 66175 - 250 cm87.0 kg
BAD3557 67 73235 - 350 cm108.0 kg
BAD4557 67 75300 - 480 cm137.0 kg

Our telescopic fire hydrant is made of high-impact Pe plastic.

The well is telescopic and the standard comes with a plastic lid. Ribs on the upper side of the lid provide a strong lid that can withstand pedestrian traffic.
Optionally, hydrant lids cast in ductile iron can be supplied. Upper telescopic tubes have ground anchors that ensure correct positioning under load and frost.

The telescopic function is secured with a gasket that prevents the penetration of sand and soil. The bottom section has two spot holes and six rails, which makes moving in the ditch easy. The riser/guide tube is telescopic and comes in stainless steel. It is adapted to ESCO fire valve DN 100 with 3 ½” threaded connection upwards.
The top flange has four holes c-c 102 mm, threaded M 16 and is adapted to different connections for both hoses and uprights. Special flanges can be supplied. By default, the well is prepared for claw coupling. Reinforced hydraulic gasket DN65 and four stainless steel M 16 "insex" bolts included.
The telescopic part has a hydraulically sealing gasket that can withstand 120 bar and is intended for periodic adjustments. The riser is fully welded design, can not go out of action in the maximum length, and is supplied with a relief valve that empties the riser of water when the pressure disappears. All risers are tested with a pressure of 35 bar before delivery. The inside diameter of the pipe set is a full 85 mm to achieve minimal pressure loss.
Fire valve is of the type eSCo rubberized lock DN100. The connection to the fire valve is supplied for flange, PVC/Pe pipe, or VRS ductile iron pipe. The spindle extension is also telescopic - type Helnor XV/XL.

The fire hydrant is delivered complete and can be mounted directly in the ditch without disassembly. Height adjustment of well, riser, and spindle extension are adapted to each other.

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557 67 63, 557 67 66, 557 67 73, 557 67 75


150 – 200 cm, 175 – 250 cm, 235 – 350 cm, 300 – 480 cm


77.0 kg, 87.0 kg, 108.0 kg, 137.0 kg