Manhole Cover in Ductile Iron. For Fire Hydrant. Type: BAE1

Manhole cover in ductile iron for fire hydrant. With frame.


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BAE2-K557 68 1133 x 29 cm46.0 kg

Hydrant lid in ductile iron with automatic lock and floating frame.
This lid is EN 124 approved, and tested and approved for a peak load of 40 tons. Marked D400.

Light opening: Length ≈ 33 cm Width ≈ 29 cm
Lid dimension: Length ≈ 37 cm Width ≈ 33 cm
Exterior dimension: Length ≈ 52 cm Width ≈ 38 cm.

The lid has a telescopic function of 20 cm.
The total height of the lid is 25 cm.

Lid: 10.5 kg
Frame: 35.5 kg
Total: 46.0 kg.

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Article name



557 68 11

Light opening

33 x 29 cm


46.0 kg