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XVT400DSAXVTGalvanized400 mm
XVT400A4DSA3351107Acid resistant400 mm
XVT400DSAH3351108Galvanized400 mm
XVT400A4DSAH3351109Acid resistant400 mm


Joint for retrofitting in cases where the buried spindle extension is selected too short or where terrain adjustments exceed the spindle length.

All joints can be easily mounted without cutting or dismantling the existing spindle.
The telescopic function of the spindle works in the same way after mounting as before mounting.

Many fitters have used a longer spindle extension than necessary. This is to be absolutely sure that the extension should not be too short.
Helnor joint removes the need for this safety margin.

Standard lengths 400 mm, special lengths are made on request.

Type XVT is adapted:
Spindle extensions type XV, XVA, XVB etc.