Repair Kit, XO. Type: XOT120R

Repair kit for XO.
The repair kit can be used on all Helnor spindle extensions for ground cranes.


ArtikkelnavnNRFUtførelseLengdeVektAntallLegg i liste
XOT120R335 16 12Galvanized180 mm0.3 kg
XOT120RA4335 16 14Acid resistant180 mm0.3 kg

If the accident has occurred, and the top or upper part of the spindle extension is broken or bent, do not despair. With the Helnor repair kit, the spindle extension is cut off, and the repair kit is fitted.

• 2 designs - acid-proof or galvanized steel.
• Special lengths are made to order. Standard length: 180 mm.
• Repairs damaged spindle extensions.
• The damaged area is cut off and replaced with a repair kit.
• Can be terminated both with and without street box.
• Repairs damage caused in the area of ​​the upper product tube (see material specification for telescopic spindle extension type XS).

• Remove the rubber stopper on the existing, mounted spindle extension.
Before inserting the spindle steel into the existing spindle extension.
inner square holes.
• Pull down the locking cover and press it over the existing, mounted spindle extension mounting brackets.
• TIP: Make sure that the existing, mounted spindle extension is not completely compressed or extended before mounting the joint set.
• We recommend if the existing, mounted spindle extension is completely extracted that one easily digs around the spindle extension and presses it slightly down before mounting the joint set. In this way, you have a future adjustment option.

Additional information

Article name

XOT120R, XOT120RA4


335 16 12, 335 16 14


Galvanized, Acid resistant


180 mm


0.3 kg