Spindle Extension Control Key XK And XO. Type: XN1

L-shaped key with suspension eye for operating spindle extensions type XK and XO.
Made of galvanized steel.


ArtikkelnavnNRFUtførelsePlasseringLengdeBeskrivelseVektAntallLegg i liste
XN1335 12 03L-shapeXK, XO20 cmDN 25-630.3 kg


XN1 is adapted to spindle extensions of type: XK, XO which end with a plastic top or steel top with square holes.

  • When the spindle extension is mounted in the lawn, it can be operated by hand or key.
  • When the spindle extension is mounted in the street box, a key must be used when opening or frying.
  • The maximum torque that can be transmitted via the key is 90 Nm and which thereby protects the spindle extension and valve from breakage.
  • Length: 200 mm