Square Street Box In Ductile Iron. Type: XB185H

Square street box in ductile iron. Specially designed for laying in cobblestone areas.


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XB185H335 15 013.6 kg


185×185 mm square street box. Can be used in all environments, but especially intended for laying in cobblestone areas.

Street box cast in impact strength iron GGG50.
The street boxes are adapted to all spindle extensions with ductile iron stops and locking ears. For example: XS, XV, XVA.

The street box is locked to the telescopic spindle extension by means of a bayonet lock in the street box and locking lugs on the extension.
The street box also comes with a locking cup. When the spindle extension is mounted in the bayonet lock, put the locking cup in place. This locks the spindle extension in the street box so that it is not possible to turn the spindle extension back and forth. An option can be purchased for a sealing cover to the latch, which prevents others from accessing the spindle extension.
If the street box is to be used on spindle extensions of type XK (combi), this must be specified when ordering.

The street box has a lid with a gasket, and prevents:
• Water penetrating the cover and thus eliminates ice formation.
• Corrosion on spindle due to salting etc.
• Sludge and sand accumulation inside the street box.
• The lid on disappearing due to sweeping, snow plowing and children’s play.

2 pcs 35 mm wood holes means that you open the lid, without the use of special tools.