Telescopic Street Box And Street Box Without Telescopic Part. Type: XBC 794H/310H

Telescopic street box- XBC794H.
Street box without telescopic part- XBC310H.


ArtikkelnavnNRFHøydeAntallLegg i liste
XBC794H3351512565-900 mm
XBC310H3351513310 mm


The telescopic function offers the following advantages:
• Facilitates height adjustment for asphalt workers.
• The upper part of the street box follows telecommunications changes.
• Lower part can be joined to the desired depth with standard 160 mm pipe with sleeve.
• Top can be angled up to 6 degrees.

The street box has a lid with a gasket and prevents:
• Water penetrates the cover and thus eliminates ice formation.
• Corrosion on spindle and valve due to salting, etc.
• Sludge and sand accumulation inside the street box.
• The lid on disappearing due to sweeping, snow plowing, and children’s play.

2 pcs 35 mm wood holes means that you can easily open the lid, without the use of special tools.

The street boxes have a 10 degree bevelled edge for anchoring in asphalt.
The lid is immersed 2 mm in the frame.
Non-slip surface with grid pattern on frame.

Street box cast in impact-resistant ductile iron GGG50 and with telescopic tube in impact-resistant PE plastic.
Base in PE, 160 mm.
Surface treated with black primer.

Can be purchased without telescopic part, XBC310H. See data sheet for further info.

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