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XV0335 13 3556-824.1 kg
XV1335 13 3379-1275.0 kg
XV2335 13 29107-1828.5 kg
XV2,5335 13 27132-2328.5 kg
XV3335 13 26157-2828.5 kg
XV4335 13 23232-41212.0 kg


Telescopic spindle extension for installation in sidewalks and streets, mounted Helnor floating street box type XB (sheet 1.919).

Helnor telescopic spindle extension does not transmit pressure loads and therefore prevents breakage of the tap or water pipe. Terrain changes can take place without cutting or splicing the spindle extension.
If a too short length is chosen, the joint can be mounted without excavation and extra work.

During backfilling, lateral forces must be avoided and the function checked several times. By rotating the outer and inner plastic pipes 90 degrees to each other, the friction is increased and they remain at the desired height during assembly.
The telescopic tube cannot be pulled out of engagement for the maximum length.

The spindle is made of galvanized steel pipes that can withstand a torque of 600Nm – several times the force required to close and open the valve.
The spindle sleeve is made of zinc-coated ductile iron, and the plastic parts are made of impact-resistant polypropylene.

The replaceable spindle sleeve is fastened with the included acid-proof split pin.
Material: ductile iron GGG40, zinc plated.

The spindle top is made of ductile iron GGG40, zinc plated. In order for the protruding spindle top not to cause damage to people and machines, it must always be mounted in the Helnor gate box.