XO – Telescopic Spindle Extension

Placement friendly spindle extension for ground crane. Now with visible color codes at the top.
Blue = Water, Red = Drain, Yellow = Gas, Green = Acid resistant.


ArtikkelnavnNRFUtførelseLengdeBeskrivelseVektAntallLegg i liste
XO0335 10 31Galvanized197-366Water4.4 kg
XO1335 10 32Galvanized147-266Water3.3 kg
XO2335 10 33Galvanized97-165Water2.2 kg
XO2.5335 10 34Galvanized80-140Water1.9 kg
XO3335 10 35Galvanized66-105Water1.5 kg
XO4335 10 36Galvanized45-62Water1.0 kg
XO0A4335 10 41Acid-resistant197-366Drain4.4 kg
XO1A4335 10 42Acid-resistant147-266Drain3.3 kg
XO2A4335 10 43Acid-resistant97-165Drain2.2 kg
XO2,5A4335 10 44Acid-resistant80-140Drain1.9 kg
XO3A4335 10 45Acid-resistant66-105Drain1.5 kg
XO4A4335 10 46Acid-resistant45-62Drain1.0 kg


Our telescopic spindle extension XO has properties and features that provide security for both the fitter and the homeowner. Our philosophy – to fit all valves – makes it easy for the fitter. Height indicator, several options for operation, rich selection of additional products gives the homeowner security.
Top with inner square 16 mm hole and outer hexagon 28 mm.

If damage occurs, the product can be repaired with a repair kit.
If the terrain level is increased, the product can be extended with a splice set.
Delivered in both galvanized and acid-proof design.
We recommend the use of acid-proof construction in the vicinity of seawater.

Additional products for XO spindle extensions such as repair kits, splice kits and control keys can be found at the bottom of this page under additional products.

We have of course continued operation with the use of our standard keys. In addition, especially with the end user/homeowner in mind, we have now created an option to operate the spindle extension using a 28 mm hexagon wrench (wrench/pipe) or pipe wrench. If the accident happens, and the water must be shut off, the owner can now easily shut off the water himself – before major damage occurs.

Street box:
This series of spindle extensions, hereinafter called XO, is also prepared for our street boxes with the smart bayonet solution. This solution ensures that the spindle extension is centered in the street box and the spindle extension and street box follow the same change in the terrain and you avoid situations where the top of the spindle extension, due to frost, is far below the level of the street box.

Galvanized or acid-proof:
In some areas, we see that ever-increasing demands are made on material quality and service life. We have therefore chosen to give you the opportunity to choose between galvanized or acid-proof design. The design chosen is easy to see even after the spindle extension has been fitted. The green ears clearly show that the design is of acid-resistant quality. Ordinary, black ears indicate galvanized steel. Of course, the color of the ears also appears in the street box, after it has been fitted.

If the accident happens, it is the middle of winter, cold, and the valve has frozen – do not despair! Of course we have thought about that too. In the center of the top there is an 8 mm hole for thawing using steam.

Color coding at the top of spindle extensions:
We continue to listen to our customers – now you have requested a clear marking of spindle extensions for water, drainage, and gas. We have thus developed clear solutions that help you see which installation is underground.

The colors of the ears indicate the following installation under the ground:
Blue = Water, Red = Drain, Yellow = Gas, Green = Acid-resistant design

Special lengths of XO are made to order.
Standard sizes can be found under variants on this page.