Vertical Check Valve. Type: ZK-ZBPION

Vertical check valve. Valve body with a simple lockable flap.
With manual locking. Ø50-Ø100.


ArtikkelnavnNRFStørrelseLengdeLengde ALengde BAntallLegg i liste
ZK-ZB50PION3415464Ø50Height= 180Width = 80Depth= 105
ZK-ZB110PION3415465Ø110Height = 287Width = 188Depth = 210


Vertical check valve with manual locking.


A check valve that reduces the risk of flooding of wastewater.

The valve, which is available in dimensions 50 and 110 mm, can be installed both indoors and outdoors on the drain line. Easy installation.


The check valve consists of a valve housing with a simple lockable flap.


Mounted on a vertical drain pipe.


Made of age- and corrosion-resistant material.

Both valve body and hatch are made of gray PP (polypropylene).

The flap is equipped with a float that floats up and seals in the event of a setback.

The flap also has a rubber gasket.