Water Brake/Cyclone. Type: CY/D

Water brake/cyclone.
Type CY/D.


ArtikkelnavnNRFMaterialePlasseringKapasitetAntallLegg i liste
CY/DK000-0000Stainless steelOver water10 - 80
CY/DV000-0000Stainless steelOver water20 - 500
CY/DX000-0000Stainless steelOver water25 - 600

A water brake is designed to regulate the amount of outgoing water from an inspection foam or the like to a quantity that does not overload the pipe system. These water brakes are designed to give the same throughput no matter how high the water is or how high the pressure becomes.
The solution to problems with overcrowded piping systems is to use these water brakes to dam up the water elsewhere in the system where there is room for it, and to utilize these spaces as reservoirs.

This type of CY/D regulator works for any capacity between 8-10 liters per second to 600 liters per second.
CY/DK has a capacity of 8-10 l/s to 80 l/s
CY/DV has a capacity of 20 l/s to 500 l/s
CY/DX has a capacity of 25 l/s to 600 l/s.
These brakes are supplied with a replaceable outlet diaphragm that enables a capacity adjustment of ± 20%. The water brakes are mounted to the inlet, and thus remain above water.
This makes it easy to inspect.

Typical applications:
• In the drain from the pool
• Wire storage
• Inlet to pumping stations
• Inlet to treatment plant
• In overflow buildings

This is how the cyclone brake works:
At normal water volume, the water flows straight through and no braking takes place.
When the amount of water increases, but the water brake is not yet covered by water, air is blocked inside the chamber, and the flow cross-section of the water is regulated.
When the water rises above the top of the regulator, the pressure increase causes the water to rotate. The water rotates faster towards the regulator outlet, which gives a pressure drop and suitable resistance so that only the desired amount of water passes through.
With decreasing pressure, the vortex collapses and is replaced by air. The collapse creates a sudden increase in the water flow. This increase entails any deposits that are dragged out of the regulator.

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Article name



000-0000, 000-0000


Stainless steel, Stainless steel


Over water, Over water


10 – 80, 20 – 500, 25 – 600