Spindle extensions

Helnor is Norway’s only manufacturer of telescopic spindle extensions.
Fixed and telescopic spindle extensions for ground cranes and valves up to DN500.

A brief introduction to spindle extension for ground cranes.

Since the start in 1970, we have acquired almost 50 years of experience in what is important for operational reliability, easy installation, and worked actively with continuous development based on all the good feedback we receive.

Our telescopic spindle extensions for ground cranes are now color-coded at the top.

Color coding:

  • Blue for water
  • Red for drains
  • Yellow for gas
  • Green for acid-proof design

With this color code marking, you will easily and clearly see which installation is located underground.

Spindle extensions for sluice valves DN80-500.

Accessories for spindle extensions for ground cranes.

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Accessories for spindle extensions for valves DN80-500.

We have all accessories for spindle extensions. Adapters, repair kits, splice kits, keys, and various sleeves. Everything you need to fit virtually any valve.

Surface boxes

A surface boxes is a small manhole cover, adapted to our spindle extensions. With a lid in the package, you secure against the intrusion of dirt and water. Smart bayonet locking against the spindle extension ensures correct positioning regardless of frost heaving

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